Caveman Log – Week 2

As some of you know, I have started the  caveman diet myself. While it doesnt perfectly fit the amount of activity I do, I felt the need to practice what I preach. You’d need to try something yourself before you could morally give advice (Im a good lad that way).  So heres how thing s have unfolded so far.

Is alll goood!!! Undoubtedly I do have the edge when it comes to dieting over clients, as not only have I been doing diets and watching my intake for years now, but I almost live in a state of motivation due to my work; If you work in a gym you’re less likely to fall off the caveman wagon! I have stuck to eating strictly what the diet entails, I havent been feeling any major cravings bar the first few days while coming down from a high carb diet. At this stage I felt slightly weak, with a cloudy groggy feeling in my head that no amount of water could shift, but I was aware this was a part of the process so I just grinned and beared it.

I’ve kept to organic fruit, veg and meat/poultry/fish sourced from both Lidl and Dunnes. All the smaller items that are harder to find organic, like nuts and seeds, I have gotten from the Oraganic Supermarket in Blackrock. It has a great range of organic products, but no matter where you go you are limited on the caveman, there are only so many things you can eat.

I’ve still been training with the same intensity (i havent dropped any lifting weight) and am even gaining strenght and vascularity (muscle size, definition and veins). I am just keeping protein high, and timing my carbs around my training sessions, or breakfast on non training days.

Heres what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast:  Protein shake (25gms protein TMU), banana, 3 eggs scrambled in olive oil (2 yolks)

Lunch: chicken stir-fry left over from night before (chicken, mixed spice, onions, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, avocadoe)

Before training:  Chicken breast (150gms) apple.

After training: Protein shake (40gms protein TMU), banana, mandarin

Dinner: Beef stir-fry with basil, oregano, lots onion, tomatoe, spinach, brocolli

Late snack: carrot and protein shake (40gms protein TMU)

The diets doing exactly what it says on the tin. I dont want to say what weight I lost as I have been putting on muscle and dont want to confuse the situation. But I will say this, in 7 days I went from 11% bodyfat to 10% bodyfat. At this rate, I’d say the diet could get me down to 7/8% bodyfat… not bad for 6 weeks!!!!

I’ll check back in again soon…… :)

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    • Patrick
      Patrick says:

      They sure didnt, not to the standard we have today anyway :)

      I would be lying to say I am 100% on the caveman diet for this reason. Protein shakes are always a grey area in this diet because ofcourse they werent around 50,000 years ago. While training hard, my protein intake is around 250gms, hard to make up with organic meats. We all want to stick to a diet 100%, but in this scenario the bad far outways the good. I’d rather (and so should everyone) meet my protein requirements than meet a diets requirements. So the option is to follow the diet word for word, missing protein requirement by 25%, or missing the diet 5% to get full protein intake. It may sound strange to adapt an authors diet like this but….

      The bottom line is, will I be in better shape taking the extra protein to meet requirements?… yes!

      and is’nt that what its all about. Indentify and put your own needs first, not the books :)


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