Metabolic Diet – FAQ Sheet 1

1.  Can I drink Alcohol?

Essentially alcohol is a step backwards, but we do have to live our lives and I wouldn’t expect anyone to alienate themselves from their social lives. Try to minimise alcohol intake, and stay hydrated as much as possible. Dehydration will add to the negative effects of the alcohol itself, so drink a glass of water after every drink. As you get leaner alcohol will affect you more anyway, so you’ll need a lot less to “enjoy yourself”. Avoid sugary drinks like standard beers, and opt more for a few glasses of wine, light beers or spirits with diet drinks. Avoid cocktails at all costs!!!

2.  Should I avoid eating at night?

The Metabolic Diet is all about keeping your digestion system humming, so avoiding meals at any time is not recommended. With regards to eating late the only rule would be to avoid carbohydrates. Eat your meat, fish and veg every 3 hours regardless of the time. Apart from processes that happen during actual sleep, and the reduced need for carbohydrates, your body doesn’t really care if its night or day. The negative hormonal effects from being hungry still take place in the late evening. So if you had your last meal at 8pm, but don’t sleep till 12pm, have a little bit of what you had at 8pm at 11pm as well. You’ll wake up feeling a lot leaner and a lot less hungry.

3.  Are diet drinks ok?

Short answer no.  When your system picks up the sweat taste of these drinks, it prepares its metabolism to deal with the sugar that simply isn’t there. After a while your body starts to become confused and it looks for sugars in other foods or drinks you consume, so you are still likely to gain weight. In this way it seems to reduce your metabolism. Treat it like alcohol, minimise it as much as possible.

4.  Can I use Salt?

I would not advocate the over-use of salts. Salt is necessary for our survival, but it’s already added to so much of our foods. Salt can cause water retention and bloating, so try and avoid adding so much that you get a salty taste. It is ok to use a pinch of salt for seasoning, but use in moderation.

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